College Management System in Malaysia

Why Choose Us

Consistent Delivery

Our leadership puts great importance on the quality of delivery offered across services line. Every customer is a important customer to us, and maintaining consistency in our quality and delivering on our promises is of at-most importance to us. Our delivery model strength is set on:

CRM for Higher Education
Cloud Based Campus Management Software
Turn-Key Solutions

Our Turn-Key solutioning approach helps customer reap the benefits of well designed and smooth functioning IT application infrastructure within the very low waiting time. Our team of experts help turn-a-round business requirements and challenges into simple and effective application solutions. Our Turn-Key solutions help:

Transparency & Accountability

Ours is a open door organization allowing our customers and employees to meet, talk and express their concerns and comments with any individual in the organization all the way to the top. We believe in transparency in all our interactions and commitments with customers. Every employee at Datadot’s is accountable for their actions and decisions taken and believes in:

EduNEXT Software
Library Management System
Holistic Employee Engagement

At Datadot’s we believe employee engagement is much more than just rewards and recognitions, games and activities. We believe there are multiple dimensions to this. Understanding the ambitions and aspirations of our employees and building an environment offering growth and direction is what we strive for. Our employee engagement approach focuses on: